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Creating OK 
websites for
GREAT organizations.









Creating OK 
websites for
GREAT organizations.

What do we do?

We build custom, easy-to-maintain websites for great organizations.

Mediocre Services

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Website Design & Build

Full Design & Build

Don't have a website yet or want to start from scratch?  We can help build your online identity from the ground up - we design, build, & deploy custom websites.


Web  Refresh

Upgrade to a modern platform

Already have a design? Current website becoming outdated and unwieldy? Hard to update?  Look terrible on a phone or tablet?

We can help bring new life to your organization's online presence and provide a site that is easy to update and easy to maintain.


Custom Solutions

Have a unique problem or need?

We can help you solve that, too! From interactive maps and searchable databases to custom integrations and scheduling, we can  probably solve at least some of your problems.


Ongoing Support

Take control or ask for some help

We are happy to provide on-going support for the changing needs that come up, or teach you how to make updates and changes yourself (or, most commonly, some combination of the two).

Why work with us?

We create solutions.

Mediocre Problems

No one gets me.

You can get a new website through a big, generic company. It may even look better than ours.

But you are probably not generic, and neither are your needs.

We are a small, mission-driven team dedicated to helping organizations that do good work. We are excited to support you.

(And by small, we really just mean one person.)

We don't have any money.

That's ok. We still want to help you help others. We are committed to making affordable, mediocre websites for terrific organizations.

I have no skills.

We assume you mean website-related.

We can be a single entity solution: from design and brand creation to copy-writing and web development, our mediocrity is wide-ranging.

If you meant more generally, I'm sorry.

We can still chat if you want.

My website is just old.

A refresh doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming.

We can remake your current site on a modern platform and boost speed, accessibility, and responsiveness.

I actually don't even know how to update my website anymore.

Neither do we!

So, let's make a new one that you can keep up-to-date. Built on Webflow, our sites let users easily update links, swap images, edit text, or add entire sections, blog posts, or events.

My website looks terrible on a phone.

Maybe phones weren't a thing when you first created your website. That's awesome - it means you have been around a while!

Today, over 50% of all website traffic will be viewed on a mobile device. We can make sure it doesn't look terrible anymore.

Who do we work with?

We want to help those
that want to help others.


We love schools. In fact, school is our day job.

As such, we know charter school regulations, Authorizer requirements, accessibility laws, and needs of charter schools in Minnesota.

Every charter school serves a unique population in a unique way - let us help tell your story!


We know there are so many organizations doing such good work in our community - let us support you.

We can offer low-cost designs and maintenance plans.

Other People

Not a school or nonprofit but still have a need for a website?

That's fine.

Have you ever even made a site?

We have made some sites before.

Mediocre Examples

Community Connector

Custom Web App designed to help communities share information with their members.

Community Connector is a simple, affordable, and secure solution for schools, clubs, organizations, and parent associations to effortlessly connect and engage. Members can see simple directory information as well as use an interactive map feature to find other members nearby - great for carpools and other resource sharing. Complete with secure user log ins, Community Members can manage how, where, and what data they share with their community.

Mediocre Examples

Innovative Quality Schools

State Approved, single purpose Charter School Authorizer

IQS is a leader in authorizing innovative Minnesota charter schools, both in Minneapolis / St. Paul and greater Minnesota. They have been authorizing schools since 2010, and today authorize over 35 charter schools.

Mediocre Examples

Jennings Community School

Charter School in St. Paul, MN

Founded in 1998, the mission of Jennings is to "provides learner-directed experiences and mentoring relationships for success in school and life."

Mediocre Examples

Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs (MAAP)

Education Advocacy and Network

The Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs [MAAP] is a Minnesota-based nonprofit whose mission is "To lead, promote, and support innovative learning experiences for all Minnesota students."

Mediocre Examples

Minnesota Learner-Centered Network

Nonprofit based in MN

The Minnesota Learner-Centered Network (MLCN) is a Minnesota-based nonprofit supporting teachers, administrators, school leaders, and students as they work to create more learner-centered school environments across the state.

Mediocre Examples

Avalon School

6-12 charter school in St. Paul, MN

Avalon is an award-winning public school in St. Paul that has pioneered Project-Based Learning and Teacher-Ownership nationwide since 2001.

Mediocre Examples

What about these common questions?

We have some answers.

Mediocre FAQs

Are you really mediocre?

No. It's a joke.


What platform do you use to build websites?

We build websites exclusively on Webflow. Webflow is a powerful, secure, and fast platform used to build millions of websites globally.

Why do you use Webflow?

Webflow can be used to develop pixel-perfect designs with semantic html and custom javascript. It can incorporate third-party integrations for scheduling, payment, and more. Webflow sites are fast and fully phone and tablet responsive.

Most importantly, Webflow sites can be easily updated and maintained without technical expertise by the client, with little or no support needed from us! (Though we are happy to include ongoing support when needed.)

How long does a project take?

New websites and custom solutions can range anywhere from a week to a few months, depending on scope and client needs.

How much does a website cost?

This is an annoying answer: The cost will depend on the specifics of each project and can vary significantly.

Factors can include initial design needs, size of website, necessary custom solutions, copywriting needs, and asset creation, in addition to required on-going support and maintenance.

That's an annoying answer. What does it actually cost?

Generically, a small website refresh could cost around $1,500 while a full design and custom development could be closer to $10,000 or beyond.

Will you help us after launch?

Yes! Some clients prefer to take over while others would prefer to focus on the actual work of their school or organization. Whatever arrangement works best for you, we are happy to accommodate.

I have more questions.

Great! Let's chat.

Have a project to discuss?

Let's make it Mediocre!

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